Mnemonics EP

by ChristianCrow &1618

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This is a collaboration between producer 1618 and singer/songwriter ChristianCrow. 1618 is a producer from Moscow, Russia. ChristianCrow is a singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California. The duo communicate through google translated emails. This EP goes to show how the internet can bridge the gap between us and make 5,000 miles just one click away.


released July 20, 2015

Album art- Alex Gardner < >

Thank you, Anthony Fernandez for the layout

Thank you, Ian Mckee for mastering the tracks Happened, Laundromat, and Mnemonics.



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ChristianCrow San Francisco, California

Singer | Song Writer | Producer

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Track Name: The Meter (Prod. By 1618)
Staring at the clock and I'm counting every tick.
Doggy need his bone and i know you want this-
and I got it nice tell me where you want it
Polishing the nine watch me empty out the clip.
Babe you got to calm down, don't you ever relax?
If I ever quit you then I'm about to relapse.
I really can't stop myself from acting reckless with you looking like that. (looking like that)

Burning down a bleezy got you feeling so high
Coca Cola body caramel skin brown eyes
Got a phone ring make them wait put it silent
Want to show you put your hands on my body

Don't you get reserved around.
Don't you go preserving on me
Don't you get nervous around me.

You're holding back I feel it give me all your power
Devote yourself to me at least a couple hours
Show me that your worth it work it let me see you shine
Treat me like a gym and afterwards we'll hit the showers
and tell me that its mine and I'm the only one to have it
Even if you're lying I don't care romanticize it.
Cause I see your intentions its as clear as black and white.
and I can't tame the beast within you but that's kind of how I like it.

Just keep asking girl I want you begging.
No I'm not controlling or possessive.
I just want you to keep on crying out.
and make the neighbors feel they're missing out
like, whose you're neighbors?
Bet they know my name there.
have you seen my car keys?
Got to feed that meter.
Oh shit that's free today
I think I'm going crazy